It’s Time to Stop Being Proud of Commitment

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Commitment is not noble.

Consider the dysfunctional marriage.

When commitment becomes the obstacle.

In our worship of commitment as an all-encompassing solution to every problem, society has overlooked the all-too-common scenario where commitment itself becomes the obstacle in our lives.

The “I Could Have Been A Contender”

For every success story, there are a hundred-thousand stories of individuals who “coulda been a contender.” This is not because of their unwillingness to commit to the right thing, although society would have you think so—it’s because of their willingness to stay committed to the wrong thing.

The “I Never Loved Him”

There’s nothing quite like finding out that your grandmother didn’t love her husband, but there it is. Ouch!

The “Golden Handcuffs”

Not as sexy as furry handcuffs, but they’ll immobilize you all the same.

Why Commitment is the Problem

At first blush, it’s easy to pin down “lack of commitment” as the issue. We are, in fact, programmed to do this. We have been taught from an early age to become “little committers.” We commit to twelve years of education (right out of the gate) and practically every subsequent demand made by society is a given.

Learning to Uncommit

Yes, this is a character that you’ve been told your whole life not to become:



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Amanda Dollinger

Amanda Dollinger

The highest purpose of words is that they be used to connect one another.