Here are four signs that a focus on health has become unhealthy.

Nobody begins an obsession with the knowledge that they’re going to become obsessed. In fact, obsessions often sneak up on us—and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t require having a “Type A personality” or an “obsessive personality” to become unhealthfully attached to something.

An obsession is characterized by any interest…

They cause pain with nearly every word they speak, but have you ever wondered what they’re thinking?

It’s tricky to get inside the mind of a narcissist

Narcissists are catastrophically self-unaware—hard to believe, I know.

Anyone who has ever lived with a narcissist knows all-too-well the amount of violence and hostility they seem to effortlessly sow in their immediate environment…

Here’s my experience after three years of regular consumption.

I’m wary of “panacea culture,” a phenomenon in which one product, one practice, or one “secret” is promised to be the answer to everyone’s woes.

I remember the ketone craze in the early 2000's, in which alternative supplement companies began bottling and selling what they claimed were ketones, but after…

Amanda Dollinger

The highest purpose of words is that they be used to connect one another.

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