3 Ways the “Creativity Factor” Makes You Sexy

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“Moxie.” “Sparkle.” The “It” factor.

It’s been called many different things, but “it” is a form of appeal that is unrelated to looks and personality. A subtle form of attraction like confidence, intelligence, or charisma, some individuals have a specific sort of glow that emanates from inside of them like a well-kept secret.

Line up 10 equally attractive people and this thing is what will draw your attention. This thing is what makes just one or two of those people stand out. This thing is what gives those people an edge in interviews, on dates, in conversations, and anywhere that they might meet and engage others.

It’s the Creativity Factor.

The Creativity Factor

The Creativity Factor is the phenomenon that occurs when an individual is passionate about a creative process and practices it regularly.

Their creative process may be writing, making music, painting, conducting research in a lab, or even something that isn’t traditionally considered “creative” (but actually is) like practicing their fitness routine or working on their small business.

To have the Creativity Factor, the individual must a) practice regularly, and b) practice for sheer enjoyment. The Creativity Factor doesn’t exist where individuals feel drained, stressed, or frustrated by the creative process.

The benefits of having the Creativity Factor are many, but one of the most unexpected and fun side effects of the CF is this—it makes you sexy.

1. Your cup is overflowing.

When you practice creativity regularly, you glow. It’s an unavoidable side-effect of the creative process—you are producing something that brings you joy, you are entering into a flow-state frequently (the physical and psychological benefits of which are well-documented), and you are deriving satisfaction from your daily life experience.

There are few things sexier than the glow of an individual who is happy, and creativity and happiness seem to have a bidirectional relationship, meaning that they increase and decrease proportionately to one another.

Consider the metaphor that you are like a cup, and the more self-care activities you engage in, the more filled your cup is. Creativity is a self-care gift that keeps on giving—if done in the right context, without unnecessarily added stress and strain, it will fill your cup to overflowing.

2. You’re growing and evolving constantly.

The creative process is one of expansion—it’s impossible to create without expanding, either mentally or physically.

Growth and evolution are incredibly sexy.

If there’s one guaranteed way to neuter the mystery and passion that comprise natural attraction (both sexual and platonic), it’s stagnation. Rote rituals and routines that are repeated over time produce equally stagnant individuals.

When personal growth is pursued—especially through the act of creativity—it doesn’t matter whether you’re adherent to the same routine or not. Your thoughts are constantly changing and advancing, you are regularly learning from either a mentor or your own mistakes and experiences, and you are actually increasing connections in your brain that are more likely to lead to opportunity and change in your future.

3. Your mind is fertile ground.

Everyone knows how fertility plays into physical sexual attraction, but what about mental attraction?

Beyond physical reproduction, which involves the conjoining of two biological elements to create new biological life, there is mental reproduction.

Mental reproduction occurs when two individuals conjoin thoughts and concepts to create new insights—a process that is highly desirable in individuals that value creativity, verbal discourse, entrepreneurship, and intellectual connection.

When you have the Creativity Factor as a result of frequent engagement in your creative passions, your mind is fertile ground for all kinds of new ideas and connections with others. Individuals who value this quality will pick up on it immediately—something that is often referred to as “the spark.” For two individuals with the Creativity Factor, “the spark” is not a one-time event—it’s a hallmark characteristic of their relationship dynamic.

Develop the Creativity Factor

If you want to experience this phenomenon for yourself, it’s time to develop the Creativity Factor.

Begin by finding a creative outlet you love, and for no other reason than your own enjoyment, schedule time to engage in it several times a week. As you continue to nurture and express your creativity, you’ll notice an up-leveling in all areas of your life.

Creativity is transformative, and beyond restructuring and nourishing your brain, you may become inspired to begin restructuring and nourishing other aspects of yourself that weren’t previously meeting or exceeding their full potential.

Remember, the key to integrating creativity successfully in your life is to not make it stressful or driven by extrinsic motivation (like money)—so ensure that whatever outlet you select, it’s one that you thoroughly enjoy. Before long, you’ll be reaping all the benefits that creativity has to offer—and the cherry on top is that you’ll be sexier than ever as you do.



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Amanda Dollinger

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